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About on the road with Alex

On The Road with Alex began with my obsession with cars and reading lots of car reviews and watching plenty of car videos. Currently, I'm 14 and am passionate about producing interesting information. There are online video reviews for vehicles with comparisons. There are also frequently added articles and quizzes too.

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- Behind the scenes

There is a lot to do which you the visitor don't know about so here I'll briefly explain what I do behind the scenes.

For the articles there is the research to find out performance stats and boot capacities etc. For the videos it is rather more complex as along with finding out figures you must make a script to read off and finding a suitable and easy camera angle takes time too. To find a perfect video I'd take around 3 complete videos and narrow it down to the most successful one. Then there is the building of the website to make it intuitive yet with an eye-catching design and to make this eye-catching design I must find and purchase the most appropriate images available.

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295 High Street Dorking Surrey RH4 1RE


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