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Corgi model cars

The car I was testing was a British icon. A Ford Capri. The fist thing you notice is the chrome paint but I'm not here to admire that. When you touch it you notice excellent quality. No cheap plastics but proper old school brick steel. Also the attention to detail is out of this world from the popping out wing mirrors on sticks and Capri logo. Even beneath the car (which is inaccessible as it is screwed to the box) is detailed. The front and rear axels can be seen and the exhaust tubes, spare wheel and tailpipe (with a hole in it). The interior too, it has the seats just like the ones found in a real Ford Capri and dials that are almost invisible due to tainted windows. If I had one complaint it would be that the retro wheels with rubber tread wobble a lot. So that concludes this test but expect to see more reviews on other model car makers.

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