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2022-23 ontheroadwithalex buyers guide

You may remember that last year, I started the ontheroadwithalex buyers guide. Well, it's back again this year, with more and more consideration for what position in each category, every car gets.

I am very pleased to crown the Honda Civic as car of the year. it is fully deserving of its position. It is possibly the best all-rounder out there, yet it isn't boring. It's quirky but nevertheless, still an excellent car.

A special mention to the Mercedes C300e, which was runner up this year, mainly due to its beautiful interior and unmatched range in its class. The Citroen C5X and MG4 also deserve a mention. Possibly two of the least likely cars to make it into a mention, however, these two cars show excellent performance in their respective classes.

Below you will find my updated buyers guide:

buyers guide 2022.23
Download PPTX • 43.34MB

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