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Best Japanese/South Korean cars

Some say I’m a bit stingy on Japanese or south Korean cars. It’s true. But I think that’s maybe because all I remember are the horrendous and ghastly ones such as the Hyundai 1.3l diesel. Yuck. Here’s a list of some of my favourite:

The Kia stinger 3.3l GT is a car which would, as a start, can be complimented for feeling European on fronts such as the styling. It will certainly turn heads more than the equivalent Merc, Beemer or Audi thanks to quad tailpipes, lovely alloys, swooping roof and most recognisably is the lightbar. The engine is right too. A 3.3l petrol suits this car very well just avoid the diesels because they aren’t very impressive. Most have a cream interior with some good wood effects rather than usual plain plastic but its party piece is the way it drives.

The Toyota Yaris cross is a small crossover which I usually object to. It is much like the Dacia Sandero being pumped up slightly into the Sandero Stepway. A first tick is the price at £22,515 for a hybrid. In comparison a Ford Puma will cost £25,485 and that doesn’t come with funky image. The high headlights support the chunky looks, there are bulges in the bonnet, lightbar and contrasting plastic skirts. To drive it won’t match the lunatic of the Toyota GR Yaris or indeed the Ford Puma but according to Autocar, “The steering is direct and responsive, making it superbly practical for urban manoeuvring and surprisingly engaging on faster, flowing roads. The chassis balance feels strong as well, and despite the boxy bodywork and stretching of the ride height, it’s generally stable and well balanced at all times.” The interior has a good design too with the curved layout and stitching and ipad like touchscreen with apple car play and android auto. The only downside is the speed, it may have the help of two electric motors but 0-60 takes 11.5 seconds. It is agreat all-rounder.

Other cars:

Hyundai I30N fastback

Honda Civic Type R

(Not all fast cars) Hyundai i10

Nissan GTR

Toyota MR2

Honda NSX

Lexus LFA

Mazda MX5

Toyota Land cruiser

Toyota GT86

Toyota GR Yaris

Two cars sold in Britain that are quite the opposite

Hyundai i800

Nissan pulsar

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