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Buyers guide 2021

It's 2022 so what's in order is a read of a buyers guide over a cup of coffee. When choosing my top 3 cars from the different categories, I consider everything from practicality to driving experience to interior quality depending on their importance in each category. You might have heard a lot about this new buyers guide on YouTube and that to get the best access to it, you need to subscribe to this website. That's all true so go on if you haven't already to also get updates on the posts I make and my plans for future uploads. Anyway, back to the buyers guide which is an all new feature to ontheroadwithAlex. I'll try and make its access easy all year round, especially as this is my biggest project yet. That's enough of the writing so please do scroll down and take a look

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Wonderfully informative - loved all your insights and rationale for decisions

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