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Kia Stinger GT420...What is it?

The Kia stinger was released in January 2018 and showed the world Kia could make a performance car for the driving enthusiast. Even better, Kia have removed the diesels from the range and stuck with the great and well-fitting 3.3l V6.

Now however, they have made a one off car called the GT420. This one off car is designed from the track and cosmetically simply has lots of stickers and black alloys. Under the bonnet there have been more changes though. They have completely overhauled the engine with a new ECU, spark plugs, air filter and exhaust, increasing the power by 57BHP to 422BHP. The gearbox is the same but the suspension is an all new setup. Inside there are rather more changes or would you say less because a roll cage replaces the headlining, seats and carpets. Up front, is a new racing seat with a harness and the centre consul has been taken out. The infotainment screen remains though.

On track is where the car really shines. The weight shedding has the reduced the cars weight by 150Kg. The cracking and popping exhaust also makes it more of an occasion too. It's precise and the breaks stop you like you've gone into a brick wall. The downside is that the standard gearbox can't cope with the responsiveness of the car. Pity Kia say it's 'just a bit of fun' and won't put it into production.

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