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Nissan Hyper Force Concept - Is It An R36 GTR?

The Japan Mobility show showed us a glimpse at what Japanese car makers have the potential to build over the next decade or so. Automobile metropolis Toyota, brought forward a GR86 replacement dubbed the FT-Se and similarly, Mazda unveiled a successor to the RX8 called the Iconic SP. This car in particular is powered by not only electricity but a twin-rotor rotary engine too.

Perhaps the most exciting and long-awaited offering came from Nissan though. Named the ‘Hyper Force Concept’ it shows us what a future Nissan GTR could be like. From the outside, it would be hard to mistake it for a GTR, with many styling cues pinched from the old R35 Nissan GTR. Conversely, the interior couldn’t look much different to its predecessor. The old R35 looked like a budget mid 00s Audi A4. Meanwhile, this concept looks like it’s come straight off the cast of the next Star Wars film. The car relies heavily on an augmented and virtual driving experience, and although this whole Sci-Fi theme would be toned down if this car ever makes it to production, it does seem exciting.

To complement the bold styling (inside and out), the car also delivers in the performance department. This EV comes with 1000kw of power (1341hp). To control this power, the Hyper Force concept comes with a more advanced version of the e4orce all wheel drive technology found in the production SUV Ariya. All the new tech has supposedly ‘enhanced cornering’ and made the car ‘exceptional’ on circuits as well as winding roads. Hopefully, this all pays off, as handling was one of the best parts about the old R35 GTR. To make the Hyper Force concept more palatable, there are two driving modes (GT and R) as well.

Despite falling into the sports car category, safety hasn’t fallen off the priority list. The Hyper Force concept features LIDAR and is also fully autonomous, making it safer on the public roads as well as on the track. Speaking of the track, this new concept features a new technology called a ‘plasma actuator’. It is said this ‘suppresses air detachment to maximize grip and minimize inner-wheel lift during cornering’. The front winglets, front fender flip, rear diffuser and rear wing also clean up the airflow and improve downforce. With carbon wheels too, this is shaping out to be a serious piece of kit.

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