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Tesla Model Y - Can the ugly duckling impress like the Model 3

The Tesla Model Y could quite possibly be the most important car of this decade. It's their second cheapest car after the record selling model 3 and has that all important high driving position. New SUV's such as the Cupra Formentor would be bought for their styling alone.

Cupra Formentor

That's not the case with this Tesla though. I saw one over in France and it was rather blobby. What people will buy it for though is the range of 315 miles and in the real world, about 290 miles. Once that charge is gone you can expect a great charging network where you'll be on your way again in 15 minuets. Probably why Tesla won Whatcar charging network of the year. It is also great to drive - almost as good as the BMW IX3 which is high praise.


On the minus side, it once again doesn't have the build quality to match its price tag. Once again the IX3 will be taking that record home again. So overall, good performance, range and practicality but a shame it is ugly and doesn't have the quality nor fit and finish to be in the same league as a BMW IX3

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