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Vegan or vegetarian cars

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Over 26% of the population in the UK live on a meat-free diet meaning the market for leather free cars seems big. However, in this article I’m not going to list loads of cheap city cars. I’ll talk you through some categories. Car makers use leather a lot, quite often in places you don’t notice such as the gear stick, steering wheel, armrests and door inserts so it is actually quite restrictive. Alternatives to leather is the obvious cloth, alacantra (seen in many sports cars including the Lotus Elise which you can see my full review to on YouTube), faux leather (or fake leather to you or I).

Best saloon for vegans

The BMW 5 series is a great car for vegans. A BMW with no leather is usually unheard of yet in the new 5 series there are optional vegan seats. The BMW 3 series also features these optional seats too. They are named Sensatec seats. They are a blend of cloth and fake leather but don’t for one moment think that this makes the BMW 5 series seem non-premium as these seats mastered with a sporty, quilted design and will match all tastes. Even if you don’t like them, the rest of the cabin is great with great BMW quality, the uncluttered centre console and the logical yet large infotainment screen.

Best hatchback for vegans

The Fiat 500 has cloth seats in more entry level trims. This new car is also kind to the environment too with no fully fossil fuel powered engines. Hybrid or electric. However, don’t think this ‘econess’ causes a lack in oomph. Sure, its top speed isn’t that impressive, but a 0-60 time of 8 seconds is pretty impressive. Especially when consider it is one of the cheapest electric cars available. The rest of the interior (especially quality) has also drastically improved over the old one.

However, what if that 0-60 figure still isn’t enough for you. Well, it took a long time to find a vegan hot hatch, but I found one admittedly possible one. The Skoda Octavia has never been famed for speed but this car in VRs form is a missile. 0-60 in 6.7 seconds and a top speed of 155-the same as a BMW M5. It may not be that fun, but it repays you quite literally with value for money. This car with a boot space trumping car such as Audi Q7 and BMW X7 and Merc GLS costs just £30,000. As for those seats which is a blend of alacantra and cloth and there is not gear stick because it is an automatic. No leather door inserts either. The armrest troubled me but after closer inspection found out that this was also alacantra. Other than the leather shortage, the infotainment screen dominates the cabin and the dashes of alacantra on the dashboard gives a simplistic yet appealing design

Best SUV for vegans

All Tesla’s have an anti-leather approach, yet the Model X is the daddy of them all. You could even say it looks down on its rivals too. There are few cars that seem more right than this. Leather is available but many are sold with the ‘ultra-white’ option which I suppose does cost extra. This is seen on all very spacious eight seats. The most amazing part though isn’t the seats. It is the electrics controlling the engine or should I say motor to help it hit 60 in 2.5 seconds thanks to 1,020 BHP. That will beat the Ferrari la Ferrari and even the Bugatti Veyron which costs 2.5 million pounds. The electrics also control the gismos. Such as, wireless gaming through the television, a celebration mode which opens and closes the doors, to move the seats from the touchscreen and lastly, it can drive to you. Most of these you aren’t going to do on a regular basis. In fact it is none of them but on that one day when your all your friends come over this is the perfect opportunity to show them off.

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