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Has there been a question that's been bothering you, an article you've always wanted to read about or simply advice, then here is where you can ask these questions. I'll try and answer as many as possible being as thorough as possible leaving you with no further questions.

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Interesting car facts

Funny, unfortunate and fascinating facts from the car world

Audi E-tron

In French, E-tron means turd

BMW 1 series

Research suggests that 4 of 5 people think that the BMW 1 series was front wheel drive. Unfortunate because the 1 series is famous for being the best to drive family car due to this setup. It costs a lot to build too. Due to this the current generation is front wheel drive.

Fiat Barchetta

This 2 seater was famous for being a proper bundle of fun. You may have seen it in the Top Gear Middle East Special. However that isn't the interesting part because somewhere inside the car is a travellers' prayer which was seen as commonplace to the factory workers

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye

This no-nonsense American muscle car. The enemy of Greenpeace and Greta has an eco-mode. This 800BHP monster has an eco-mode. Seriously. Over in the UK in eco-mode you'll only get around 12MPG. In contrast a McLaren 570s will do around 26MPG an that has a V8 too. You can watch the review of the McLaren-I've put a link below.

Alfa-Romeo 75

The electric window switches weren't on the door inserts nor the centre console. They were awkwardly positioned in the ceiling.

 BMW 5 series (example)

The facelifts of BMW's. The most noticeable is the current generation 5 series. are referred to as the life cycle impulse. What a load of nonsense. Despite that, I believe that the 5 series is the most perfect car.

Honda life dunk

Er… its quite self explanatory. The name

Dihatsu Naked

Once again the name. And both cars are s**t.

Sunset over the Mountains

Motoring Quotes

Inspirational quotes from people from the car world

Quote 1

"The one thing I'm a firm believer in is that cars are the best thing to be around on television. They are exciting. They're fun. They elicit emotions. They can take you on adventures. They can make you laugh, make you cry. They're the best medium." - Chris Harris

Quote 2

"Failing my driving test first time; that was a disappointment on a geological scale." - Richard Hammond

Quote 3

"Never has a material been more overrated than leather" - James May

Quote 4

"Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine." - Elvis Presley

Quote 5

"Beauty of line and purity of form." - Ian Callum (one of the most famous car designers: most famous designs are the Jaguar F-Type, Aston Martin DB7 and Jaguar I-Pace

Questions & Extras: FAQ
Questions & Extras: Text
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